Cedar drop leaf table for a Pontoon Boat, or RV. We don't make FINE furniture; we make FUN furniture.

Center table is 9" wide and it comes with 2 double walled, stainless chillers that can be used to cool your wine or bottle of choice, other can be your ice bucket. This set up is perfect for when you serve Champagne and Orange Juice, or Bloody Mary Mix and Vodka. Can also be used to hold a large water bottle, soda bottle, or drink of choice.... does not have to be alcohol.

When table is fully erected it is 21" Wide and 30" Long. Leaf's are approximately 6" wide and they come with 3 drink cut outs.

We have 2 different size drink cutouts: 1) Standard 2 ¾”    2) YETI  3 2/8”

Standard: The cut out is approximately 2 3/4" perfect for any can drink/ bottled, (beer, water) big enough but not too loose, has a 1" wide fabric strap that support the drink/cup in place. This size will not work with thicker cozies, perfect for White Claw, standard tall beer cans, beer bottles, water bottles, etc.

YETI: The cut out is approximately 3 2/8" (fits a YETI drink cooler) and has a 1" wide fabric strap that holds the drink/cup in place. This size is also good for Red plastic Cups, taller insulated cups (Starbucks).

You can also select if you want the cut out for a stemmed wine glass, this gives you the option to slide in a wine glass or not, we suggest you use plastic wine glasses for boating, please remember to select your options below... If not, your stemless wine insulated cups work awesome in the YETI size cup holders.

Mixed: We also have the option for BOTH sizes... The four corners ONLY are the larger cut outs "YETI" and the 2 center cut outs are the slightly smaller "Standard" allowing you and your guest to pick the perfect size for your drink of chose.

The leaf's work separately, so you can have one side up and the other side down if wanted. We have used Red Cup Living reusable, dishwasher safe cups, Red Solo plastic Cups, stemless insulated wine coolers, tall, insulated drink coolers, or even a plastic wine glass.

Another Option: the drink cut outs may also have the option for a cutout so you can slide a stemmed wine glass in as well, please remember to select your option.


Hardware: Continuous Hinge (Piano Hinge) is Nickel plated as well as the screws. The drop leaf supports/latches are Zinc plated. All hardware is rust resistance but if using on Saltwater vs Fresh Water we would advise additional care and maintenance as one would generally do in using a boat in salt water.

This is the top only, does not come with a table stand. When you get your table, turn it over and screw on your tabletop base in the center between the two-drop leaf supports, please see picture above of under side. This space is wide enough for up to a 7" circular/diameter table mount. If you do not have a table yet, you can order the table base from the Internet, highly recommend you getting the flush mount table base, no new hole in your pontoon floor.

Please understand these tables are made to order per your specifications and are not returnable. We guarantee our work but please understand, they are made out of wood, they will have knots, each table will be different, some may have a little imperfection what we cannot sand out, please understand that is the beauty of a solid wood tabletop vs white plastic. 


2022 our lead time is running 4-6 weeks due to demand, We will ship them as soon as they are done. 


If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us. 


Some of the pictures above show some of the custom tables we have done.  If you would like something special, please feel free to contact us.


We do ship this item, or it may also be picked up if you live in the Spokane, Washington area.


Note: Measurements are nominal.

Cedar 30" Pontoon Boat Drop Leaf Table

SKU: DC830
  • This is made out of wood, leaving it out in the elements to contract and expand will shorten it's life and evently the finish.   How to clean:  Furniture polish, soft damp cloth.  We suggest removing the table and place it in one of the storage bins, put your cover on your boat if you have one and take it inside for the winter.   We make Fun furniture, not Fine furniture, but treating it like fine furniture will make it last for years to come.