This new round WINE table is for our Champagne AND Wine lovers. The top folds down for easy storage under a bed, in the RV or in the back of your car. This is the perfect little table for any social gathering, perfect for 4 guests to hold their champagne flutes or your wine glass and the bottle in the center. This table's cut outs are smaller than or wine table so that it holds your champagne flutes.

Our newest "Champagne Drop” table is approximately 11” round with 4 cut outs that each will securely hold a stemmed champagne flute or wine glass.  Stands approx. 18-20" high once inserted in the ground, the stake is approx. 6-7" long and is made of galvanized conduit and clamped closed at the bottom for easy usage. Overall length is approximately 29" long. The top folds over for easy carrying and storage, keep it in the car or in your RV for those perfect times.


All tables are made out of 100% Western Red or Alaskan Cedar (depends on current availability) and are sprayed with a clear coat to protect the natural wood finish and enhance the overall look of the table, table comes with our very own metal stand so you can use it almost anywhere.  Easy to carry to your favorite wine festival, outdoor concert, in the middle of a parking lot tail gating or in the privacy of your own deck.


Our new design allows for this table to lock into place so anyone can remove their drink without the possibility of the table to fold down on you. The catch is a spring lock that must be released to fold down the table to carry.


This item is available for pick up in Spokane, WA or $22.50 for shipping.


Champagne/ Wine Drop Table - 4 glass with Metal Stand

  • All of D&C Design products are handmade out of Western Red Cedar or Alaskan Cedar. No two tables or products will look alike due to grain of the wood.

    Color and markings are all natural, no staining is done on our tables, we do spray with a clear coat to help to protect the life of our product and to enhance the finish.


    How to use it:

    Flip up the table top up and it should lock into place . Insert the 7" long metal galvanized conduit stake on to a soft surface, (grass, sand, dirt), push down on the center of the table until it is secure.

    Your newest design now has a catch on it, when you put the table up it will catch, please release the catch BEFORE you try to fold down your table.  Without releasing the catch could cause damage to the catch and your table.  How to release:  push the release bar down and that will release the catch.

    NOTE:  If the ground is too hard, please move table around to find a softer spot.   Flip the table down for easy storage or hang it on the back porch, put one in your trunk, and make sure every RV has one.



  • Upon arrival if you are unhappy with our product please contact us within 15 days for authorization to return for a full refund. 

    Return shipping will be at your expense.