This item is available for pickup in the Spokane, Washington area ONLY.


Our Social stool is just that... for any social gathering this table is perfect for 4 guests to hold their drink of choice.

Each of the 4 cut outs hold: Dixie cup, water bottle, flavored tea bottle, soda can, beer can, beer bottle AND wine glass. Bottles and cans are held in place by our burgundy 1" strap and when you slide in your wine glass the strap just moves over and out of your way.

Perfect little table pool side, fire pit, camping, fishing, patio, or any social gathering and nice enough to have it in your home. Don’t have room for a big coffee table, place one of these in front of your couch to hold your drink, place a Dixie cup in one of the cut outs and put you TV remotes in the cup. Great conversation piece and very handy as well.

Each table is hand made out of 100% Cedar and is "somewhat" protected with clear coat.
These tables are not meant to be kept and left outside in the elements... It is 100% wood, nice enough to be used inside as well.


This item is available for pickup in the Spokane, Washington area ONLY.

Social Stool

SKU: DC403
  • All of D&C Design products are handmade out of Western Red Cedar.  No two tables or products will look alike due to grain of the wood. 

    Color and markings are all natural, no staining is done on our tables, we do spray with a clear coat to help to protect the life of our product and to enhance the finish.

  • Upon arrival if you are unhappy with our product please contact us within 15 days for authorization to return for a full refund. 

    Return shipping will be at your expense.